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  1. Torrie Marshall says:

    Praying for u all. I hate so bad that u all have had to go through that. I pray Dustin can feel better soon . I know all to well how an autoimune disease can effect your life and mind. I dont have the same one as dustin but i do have one and alot of dr.s around hear didnt even know how to treat me at first . They told me to even go to Vanderbilt but I finally got a dr. And some answers after some surgery and meds. I do know that on our side of family ,Mammaws side that certain blood types rh- are thier and some people have different types of autoimune stuff . It does take years to find good dr.s and different types of meds to work. Hope the best and wish the best for you all. Love Torrie and family.

    • michellemc8393@hotmail.com says:

      Thank you so much Torrie! He is doing much better, slow progress is better than none. We are extremely thankful for our doctors at Duke. They have been a tremendous help!

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