I found photography 8 years ago, and I fell in love. I fell in love with you, your stories, your laughter, and your tears. I fell in love with your legacy, the one we get to preserve together for you, and other generations to hold close to their hearts.

I've realized through all of this, that we are more than just a digital file, or a piece of paper, but that the person standing before me means so much more to someone else, and I'm the blessed one to be there for it all.   

Hello, I'm Michelle


My boys

Our dog Rosie

Our Garden



Making bouquets

Printed memories

I didn't realize how much these images really impacted me until October of 2017 when I came close to loosing my husband Dustin to a lung condition. I value photography in a way that I have never before, and I consider this art such an honor and a blessing, because we are more than just a digital file, we are a living legacy.  

our family albums 

We have so many albums passed down to us. This album is of my grandfather during World War Two. I'm so glad he captured these, because I now can see exactly what his stories told through pictures.  

my family prints

I've realized over the years that the value of printing our pictures has significantly declined. I treasure each of these memories, because they show me where I started. These prints remind me of the legacies left behind. 

grandmothers quilt pieces 

My Grandmother loved to quilt. She often would start quilts and sometimes she would move on to the next. She was notorious for starting a quilting project and never finishing them. I have these pieces hanging throughout our home. 

sentimental artwork 

These prints are located in our entry way. Our family picture marks a beautiful milestone after my husbands lung surgery. These images are a constant reminder of our good days, and the memories we have made together while taking them. I love sharing the story behind each one to everyone that visits! 

our family quilts 

We have over 20 quilts passed down from generation to generation from our families. My grandmother and great grandmother made a lot of these heirlooms that we cherish. 

No one ever said marriage would be easy, but it’s worth fighting for. My prayer for you is that when you experience that first fight or disagreement, you look to these photographs hanging on your walls and you remember where your love started.

I know how important these photographs are, because I still cling to my own wedding pictures, now 11 years later. For this reason, when you look back at your images, I want you to remember each intricate detail of your wedding day exactly the way it happened.

Even though I am only with you for a short season, I cherish the time we have together. It brings me joy knowing you as a couple. It is an honor capturing the beginning of your legacy.

I believe that marriage is greater than the wedding day

What i believe


meet the team

Brooke joined Michelle Lea Photographie in 2015. She is passionate about loving people and takes pride in serving you on your wedding day. She is there every step of the way to help make your wedding photography experience as special and as smooth as possible. 

my assistant photographer

meet brooke

Brooke is an amazing second photographer. We work hand in hand together during your wedding and family formal photographs, so that we don't miss a picture of you and your loved ones. She recognizes the importance of your wedding day memories. She takes pride in every aspect of the opportunity, and that is why she became part of the team. 

you're going to love brooke

I'm constantly on hair control. With BOBBIE PINS in hand just IN CASE the wind decides to have a mind of its own! 

I'm not sure what we were laughing about here, but I can tell you that we never stop smiling! 

I tell everyone before we start I'm a hugger and I'm probably going to hold your hand at some point today. Here's me adjusting bouquets. 

"Truly we cannot say enough wonderful things about Michelle and her assistant Brooke. When I found Michelle online, I just knew I had to have her as our photographer. Michelle takes the time to make brides feel special with her extra touches and the extra mile she goes for them. I knew I didn't just "hire" a photographer, rather I gained a friend. Michelle captured our wedding so beautifully. Her professionalism, calmness, and love for what she does is truly inspiring. We had no worries the entire time we were in her hands, and we loved and appreciated her guidance, as we planned our wedding!"

- Jenie and Lars

"Michelle is INCREDIBLE! She is passionate about her work and it shows. I was so impressed with how she and her second shooter, Brooke, were able to add to the joy of our day! They were so efficient, sweet, and fun. Michelle has amazing talent and you are CRAZY not to chose her as your photographer!"

-Amanda and James

"Michelle is hands down the best I've ever worked with. She's timely, communicative, responsive, and just a joy to be around."

-Sarah and Tab

kind words

I accept no more than 15 weddings, and a limited number of family sessions per year to ensure I deliver exceptional images and services.  Wedding pricing begins at $3895 and the family session portrait fee is $100.


I adore Instagram, and Insta- stories even more! I share the good, bad, and ugly. With real life talks, to products and clothes that I love, and of course everything related to photography!