What is a hybrid film photographer?

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I get asked all the time what a hybrid photographer is. A hybrid photographer uses both film and digital cameras. I primarly choose film over digital because it’s timeless. Film isn’t over edited and it will never go out of style.

Film takes me back to a time when the world moved a little slower and we all paid a little bit more attention. It requires me to understand the more technical aspects of photography. Using film helps me to connect closer with my clients. Film lets me enjoy every moment with you because I am focused on the composition of each shot before clicking the shuter—because it has to be solid the first time.

In some cases I can not use film especially areas where there is not enough light. That is why I choose to be a hybrid film and digital photographer because I love both.

I will always use digital along side film on your wedding day to insure your pictures are safe. I always take digital back ups of every film image in addition to using two memory cards in my digital camera recording the same images on both memory cards to prevent loss. Even after your wedding your images will be stored in several locations for safe keeping.

I know with this day and time digital images are very importrant. Your Film will always be processed and delieverd in digital format. After your film is processed and scanned in digitally I will match your digital images to the film scans so every image coincides with each other.