Why I became a Rodan and Fields Consultant

Why I became a Rodan and Fields Consultant, anti aging skin care, rodan and fields redefine before and after

Why I became a Rodan and Fields Consultant

I honestly can’t believe this is my post title today, because I never thought I would ever do something like this! I mean NEVER did I think I would do this! Really, seriously, NEVER!

As much as I am mortified for the whole universe to see my “mean muggin” cell phone photos of my before and after with no makeup on. I believe it’s worth my awkwardness to save someone else that otherwise wouldn’t have thought it would help. Rodan and Fields made a complete change for me, and I am so excited to share it with each of you!

Here’s my story

If you follow my instagram stories (click here to follow me) you would know that I have had a lot of stress in my life this year. With the stress has come more gray hair, and the dreaded wrinkles! Brooke and I travel a lot for weddings, so I am constantly behind the wheel with the lovely rearview mirror in view. Every time I looked in the rearview I could see the lines beginning to make their mark, the spots, and the texture. My skin was starting to make the “change”. As much as I’m laughing about how vain this must sound, to be honest, the struggle is real! I couldn’t handle it!

I began my search for something about 8 months ago, I tried every over the counter thing that said wrinkle on it. I now have a lovely drawer dedicated to things that don’t work! I even went the all “natural” route. Nothing worked! It was depressing, and I was considering Botox, which horrifies me, because needles in the face are not cool! I could throw up thinking about it, and it’s expensive!

This past October Brooke and I were on our way to a wedding in Hopkinsville KY. I’m pretty sure she wanted to slap me the whole drive. Guess who talked about her skin the whole entire time? I did!

I heard about Rodan and Fields long before they branched out on their own. I kept going back to their Proactive legacy, and I remembered how well it worked for me when I was in middle school.

I honestly didn’t want to buy into Rodan and Fields, because it felt so expensive to me! I fixated myself on the Redefine Regimen for months. I read so many reviews, I watched ALL the YouTube videos, because I just didn’t believe it. I finally caved and bought it in our little hotel room in Hopkinsville KY.

After I bought the Redefine Regimen I thought if it doesn’t work in 60 days I will just return it and get my money back! The box said take a progress photo, so I did, on my phone, and now I wish I would have used my “big girl” camera. If I’m being honest, I almost didn’t take a photo at all! I really didn’t think I would see a big difference in my skin! I’m also very mortified that I’m sharing phone photos on my blog today! I giggle because there is nothing “fine art” about this post lol.

After using Redefine for 30 days I was sold! I didn’t want to return the products, because the difference was clear. For the first time in a LONG time people were complimenting me on my skin when I was out and about. Friends I hadn’t seen in years were saying that my skin looked so good! This stuff is like a magical unicorn!

I really contemplated on becoming a consultant. I don’t consider myself to be “salesy” at all! I don’t want to be that either! I started thinking about every client that I have ever had that has told me they were uncomfortable with their skin. Whether that be wrinkles, acne, scarring, redness etc. Every time it’s mentioned it breaks my heart.

Being self conscious about our skin is a real thing! It’s a hard thing to talk about, and it’s embarrassing! I never want anyone to ever feel like there’s nothing out there that will help them. This has changed everything I ever thought about the skincare game, and it’s made me a believer that it works, because it worked for me!Why I became a Rodan and Fields Consultant, anti aging skin care, rodan and fields redefine before and afterEven though I’m a little mortified that I’m sharing my before and after photos. I believe in real, I believe in honest, that’s who I’ve always been. This photo shows my most vulnerable self, and that is hard! If I can help at least one person feel better about their skin I’ve done something. It’s not just skincare, it’s life changing!

I have created a Facebook group called Soul Lovely Skin with Michelle Lea for all the things I LOVE, everything beauty, makeup, hair care, and all the information you need to know about Rodan and Fields products and promotions. This group is a safe place to encourage and empower others, and to talk about your skincare concerns. Once a week I will share products that I love here on the blog, and on Soul Lovely Skin! Click here to join my group!

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